Mouthwatering Viennoiserie

These melt-in-the-mouth pastries are the perfect way to spoil your passengers. Creating a flawless viennoiserie crust is an art mastered by French bakers, and our bakeries are certainly among the best food artisans in the world. Prepared daily to ensure freshness, we use only classic French recipes to bring out that rich, traditional heritage. With buttery croissants, cinnamon swirls, muffins, cake and pain au chocolat on the menu, they are exquisitely delectable.


Capturing the flavours and essence of Parisian coffee shops, our range of croissants draw inspiration from authentic French recipes. They are baked every day to ensure freshness and can be served plain or, combined with our selection of sweet and savory fillings for a sandwich-style option.

Handheld traditional viennoiserie are sure to delight your travellers’ taste buds. Choose the right packaging for your selection, so that passengers can neatly and conveniently indulge their sweet tooth.

Sweet Pastries

Entice your passengers with continental pastries warmed in the oven. Want to change things up a little? Then talk to us about our savoury options and widen your choice for all your customers.