Mediterranean Moments

Your passengers can dip into the flavours of summer all year round with our delectable tapas boxes. We’ve picked only the best Mediterranean fare for our piquant and aromatic grazing plates. Create your own branded version, and choose from a selection of continental cold meats and antipasti, perfectly complemented by delicious chutney and dried fruits.

Beautifully Built Boxes

We offer more than just off-the-shelf solutions. At En Route, we provide custom-made products that reflect your brand promise. Our ambient tapas boxes deliver a taste of Spain and allow you to really present your passengers with something unique. Pair cured meats, olives and hummus with a selection of delectable nibbles for the ultimate passenger experience.


Tapas is rapidly revolutionising the travel catering industry, and the flavours and textures used are expanding beyond the shores of Spain. Traditional or modern, we’ll design the winning formula for your brand and give your passengers something that their taste buds will delight in.


Tapas, according to legend, was invented by King Alfonso X of Spain. Our moreish and aromatic brand pays homage to his creation and provides a modern twist that works in the air. Smooth and mild hummus coupled with tangy olives and delectable meats will keep passengers fuelled and have them wanting more.