Sweet Seductive Patisserie

Satisfy every sweet tooth with our sumptuous range of coffee shop favourites. Prepared in bakeries around the world they offer just the right amount of indulgence to each of your customers. Choose from our wide collection,or create a brief to develop your own bespoke serving, and we’ll produce the entire solution to meet your needs. Muffins warm from the oven, mellow peach melba, sticky toffee, petit fours…there are no limits to the amount of naughty but nice treats we can deliver.


Who loves macarons with their soft chewy centre sandwiched between a crisp exterior? We do too, and we go all out with our choices and flavours to ensure that your passengers are feasting on the very best that there is to offer.


Discover a range of decadent cakes and luxurious recipes designed to suit your menus. Working together with your team, we aim to ensure that our flavours and textures hit the right spot on your customers’ taste buds, and have them wanting more every time.


We believe that a well-crafted treat will entice even the most discerning of travellers. Our broad manufacturing partner-base allows us to effectively work with special dietary requirements and provide multiple options to your passengers.



We know many muffin suppliers, in every region. All have been sourced by our forward-thinking NPD team who have worked tirelessly to produce the right technique to ensure that they are tasty all-day long. Customise them the way you want and serve them to passengers as a decadent snack.