The Art of Travel Dining

We are firm believers that hot snacks, regardless of where they are served, should be of optimum quality and taste – always. After all, your passengers deserve only the best. As dining onboard is becoming an art, we look at ways of perfecting the craft of delivering fine food and solutions with our hot eats. These treats work well for any time of the day. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, these handheld snacks are becoming a fast favourite of travellers, and are fantastic at keeping those pangs of hunger at bay.


Based on trendy, American-style grilled sandwiches, our hot toasties are full of delectable ingredients and can be chosen to suit a diverse range of dietary requirements. All fillings are sourced from suppliers in your region. The toasties are wrapped in our tailor-made packaging, which is branded to your specifications and delivered to any location in the world.


The terrific thing about wraps is that they work for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a mid-afternoon snack. Choose from an innovative selection of flavours and fillings, or even better, give us a challenge and let us create a personalised offering unique to your brand.


Recent trends in the Asia-Pacific region indicate a preference for hot snacks. All ingredients for our hot, handheld eats are locally sourced, indicating the strength of our partner database and logistical capabilities.


World Bites

Whilst transporting them to exotic locations around the world, take your passengers on a gastronomical journey with a selection of authentic offerings. As people’s tastes evolve and become more adventurous, these hot bites aim to satisfy the most culturally curious. Moroccan lamb in open pastry parcels, melt-in-the-mouth mezze inspired by Eastern-Mediterranean cuisine, or samosas stuffed with aromatic spices. These are just a small selection of what your menu could offer. Combined with world-class packaging solutions you could create a range that works perfectly for your brand.