Delicious Hot Meals

Entice passengers with tasty meals, served hot, to help refuel and rejuvenate during their journey. Depending on your needs, we have a choice of ambient and frozen products, beautifully packaged and branded, requiring minimal handling to make serving that much easier.


Ambient Meals

Nourish your travel-weary passengers with our tantalising selection of branded® ambient hot meals.

Our range of recipes spans the international palate. Choose from spicy, ethnic, comforting or classic dishes. All products are expandable; you can add sides such as bread and dippers.

These delicious meals don’t need to be refrigerated, so onboard storage is easy, making them ideal for unscheduled passenger snacks or crew meals. With a shelf-life of up to 12 months, you’ll find wastage is nil, too.

Frozen Meals

Our award-winning Cloud Dine™ range was developed after extensive market research, which gave us an insight into the needs of airlines and passengers. With that in mind, we’ve done away with the traditional airline foil, researched recipes that include vegetarian options, and lovingly created a mouth-watering range of 10 offerings. All meals are delivered frozen in ovenable packaging and are ideal for both passengers and crew.


Our ambient and frozen meals can be created to suit your passenger requirements. Choose the size and the recipes you need to tantalise their palates.