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Kitchen Collective

Square Pie’s bite-sized Canapies are made in small batches using British Red Tractor meat without artificial additives. Choose either two savouries - Chicken and Mushroom and Steak and Ale - or a cheeky sweet and savoury duo - Cheese & Onion and Apple.  

We’ve also been working with the Posh Pasty Company to reinvent the UK’s West Country favourite and take it global. These satisfyingly scrumptious pasties are made from the finest Cornish ingredients sourced from local cheese makers, farmers and butchers to ensure traceability and great taste.  And double pasty boxes are available too, all supplied in fully ovenable packaging.

We’re particularly excited about our Italian-style Pizzini. The hand-stretched pizza dough is made in Tuscany and comes folded around a range of delicious toppings.

yum.me - ambient meals

Nourish your travel-weary passengers with our tantalising selection of branded yum.me ambient hot meals, which have been pressure-cooked for an authentic flavour.

Our range of recipes span the international palate. Choose from spicy, ethnic, comforting or classic dishes. Here’s one to whet your appetite - Mexican beef and bean chilli, served with corn nachos, spicy tomato salsa and a cool sour cream chive dip. Where necessary, though, we’ll happily tailor-make our dishes to suit your requirements, so just ask.

These delicious meals don’t need to be refrigerated, so onboard storage is easy, making them ideal for unscheduled passenger snacks or crew meals. With a shelf-life of up to 12 months, you’ll find wastage is nil, too.




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