Packaging that Works

We are constantly innovating boxes and packaging to ensure that they work in the onboard environment. Providing the right solutions removes a lot of unnecessary stress from a logistical point of view. Each of our boxes below has been tested methodically, allowing optimal performance each time.


Galley boxes greatly reduce the amount of work crew need to do filtering through trays. They can be presented easily to passengers for them to view and choose their options from. Personalisation and branding opportunities are available.

Tiny Teacup

Elevenses or afternoon tea? The Tiny Teacup is the perfect light refreshment and highlights an authentic British tradition. Inside each box, customers will find a fruit-infused ambient scone, a pot of Devonshire cream, Hartley’s jam and a spreader for ease. Available in a range of packaging formats, the brand can be tailored to suit any budget whilst maintaining a premium finish and can be adapted to suit a variety of services.

Our in-house design team study packaging trends and innovations, and know what works best in any onboard environment. Set a challenge for us to create unique, branded packaging.

The Movie Box

No film is complete without a tub of delectable popcorn, or some yummy sweets. These movie boxes are just right for sharing, or solo viewing depending on your travellers’ preferences. Fold down the lid and passengers have a cradle for holding handheld devices, snacks and more.