Baked to perfection

Who doesn’t love bread, soft and fresh from the oven? Some spiced with fragrant herbs, others delicately produced from the lightest dough. With an estimated 10,000 taste buds in our mouths, we are capable of savouring even the subtlest of flavours. Working with some of the best bakeries around the world, our dedicated foodies have discovered a varied selection of the yummiest doughy treats, each one guaranteed to taste as good in the air as it does on the ground.


Speciality Rolls

We work with bakeries in Europe, Asia, Australasia and North America to produce our mouth-watering speciality rolls. Together, we create new recipes that complement current food trends and suit various markets around the world. That’s why we are able to provide ethnic flat breads, tantalising rolls infused with fruit and sensationally seeded rolls from sunflower to pumpkin. The choices are endless and are sure to delight your passengers.

Premium Bread Bags

Ovenable and filled with a mix of crusty, soft, seeded and herbed rolls, our artisan baked bread makes their way straight out of the ovens of real European bakeries. Each bag undergoes a rigid quality check and is date coded for assured freshness. Then, they are transported to premium class cabins across the continent. We consider our job done once they reach their final destination.

Created to reduce crew handling and maintain optimum freshness, the bags are easily placed into the galley oven and served warm.

Regardless of where our bread is sourced from around the world, our NPD team visit each bakery to ensure that our high standards are continuously met. From the moment the dough hits the oven until the baked treat reaches its final destination, a series of rigorous checks are completed to guarantee your order reaches the cabin in pristine condition.

Breads for Filling

Pairing bread with fillings requires hours of research and sampling – just as well we have our own NPD team, whose role is to fulfil the needs of all astute travellers! We recently launched Pretzel loaves, baked in Germany, and they go wonderfully with cheese, cold cuts and gherkins. Our range of bread does not end there. Coming in all shapes and flavours, from flatbreads to multi-grain ciabatta, diamond to round, we will bake up a storm to enhance your onboard menu offerings.

Sandwiches Galore & More

Combine delicious fillings with bread of your choice for the ultimate ready-to-go sandwiches. Your passengers can submerge themselves into a range of mini bagels, regular-sized sandwiches or literally, any type of sandwich you can imagine. Or, discover the range of garlic bread we have created that perfectly complement hot meals.