• Our clients

    We work with leading airline and train companies to give passengers world-class onboard catering. Complementing these, we work in retail with major coffee shops.

No matter how stressed they are when they come onboard, our passengers are won over by the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread filling the cabin.

En Route has never missed a delivery and never let us down on quality. We rely on them 100% to keep our logistical issues on track.

Feedback from our air crews shows that yum.me meals are convenient and quick to heat and both the passengers and crew enjoy eating them.

En Route can tailor a food product to suit our passenger requirements, providing a good but differentiated service between first class and economy.

Nothing but praise for En Route’s commitment to quality – whether it’s the product, the packaging or the whole logistical solution.

When we wanted to overhaul the premier class menus, a team from En Route talked us through some options. In the end they created a bespoke brand for us.