Global Bakery Programme

Our global bakery programme provides Business and Premium cabins in 46 locations around the world with a vast selection of artisanal bread. The programme perfectly highlights our company core strengths: consolidation power, packaging design and innovation, supply chain management, and our ability to ensure consistency across your entire brand and network.

Working with different bakeries for our bakery programme means that airlines are not constrained to just one type of bread roll offering on their menu.

In the past, airlines sourced bread and bakery items for cabins through multiple, regionally based caterers. This eventually lead to significant inconsistency in quality, price and product across their global platform.

It also made it difficult to have a large selection of products due to limitations in working with a limited number of bakeries, as well as hindered airlines from getting the best value for money.


We identified and began sourcing a range of artisanal bread in North America and Europe. Our established partnership with each bakery allows us to offer a lot of different types of bread more cheaply and efficiently.

These are then shipped to a packing facility where they are flow-wrapped or wrapped in multiple configurations in ovenable bread bags, depending on specific requirements.



Overall, we have delivered a successful bakery programme that has drastically improved crew and caterer efficiency. Packing in a variety of configurations reduces the number of handling movements between ovens and service trolleys.


The configurations allow us to provide the exact number of bread rolls and pastries per passenger, manage the variety and maintain consistency.



Individually flow-wrapped products in clear banded films mean that customers receive a high-quality product.


The reach of our global logistics capabilities means that we can ship quickly to any airport in Europe and North America quickly.


We manage the entire rotation. Passengers always receive a fresh variety of bread at an agreed price point.