“Say Cheese”

The premium cheese service on Emirates’ First and Business classes required a reboot, innovative thinking, and finding the right creamery to supply world-class fromage on all Dubai flights. But the revamp went way beyond sourcing the supplier. The packaging, supply chain, delivery and cabin crew handling all highlight the key strengths of our design and logistical teams.

‘We developed a unique service concept that allows cabin crew to “peel and flip” the cut portions of cheese directly onto a slate, so that they do not have to handle the cheese.’

Emirates approached us with the brief to design and deliver a premium quality cheese platter for both First and Business classes.


The entire end-to-end delivery had to be taken into consideration and included sourcing a high-end selection of cheese from one of Britain’s top creameries.


Additional information on the brief included:


There had to be three types of cheese: soft, hard and blue.

The airline wanted to eliminate the need for cabin crew to hand cut and handle the cheese.


The cheese had to be premium quality.


Shelf-life had to be extended to suit the various rotations throughout the year.


Finally, the brief stipulated the importance of crew delivery through increased product and serving knowledge.



To deliver a high-end cheese service required us to identify and partner with an experienced artisan cheese-maker.

We discussed the production requirements, menu offering, complementing garnishes and packaging that would maintain freshness of each cheese. The packaging was also designed to provide ease of serving in the cabin.

By removing the need for 35 caterers, we can maintain consistency across the airline. Through a robust supply chain, we manage the production and delivery of thousands of units of cheese each month.

We currently run four different cheese menus around the world.

As part of our commitment to continually enhance end customer experience, we provide a series of complimentary workshops for cabin crew, taking them through the entire packaging process, describing the history of cheese, provided sampling sessions, and, offered preferred fruit and beverage pairings.