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Curing Jetlay at Sisterfields Bali

If you’re flying Emirates, travelling to Bali from London couldn’t be simpler. A short seven hour night flight to Dubai with a swift transit onto flight EK398 to Bali International Airport and it’s only eight and a half hours further to the Indonesian dream land.

Bali is quickly becoming known for it’s brunch scene, and more specifically it’s healthy, organic cafés bursting with vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free offerings.

These Balinese brunch cafes offer the tastiest, most photogenic brunch you’ll absolutely ever eat, and at a portion of the cost of a trendy London eatery.

So, how do you cure jet lag in Bali? A trip to Sisterfields needs to be at the top of your list. The gorgeous cafe is draped with white marble, natural daylight and Bali’s signature greenery. It’s represents the iconic café culture of Australia, bringing delicious food and coffee to Seminyak in the heart of Bali.

You’ll need to wait for a table, but it’s easily done with their sister coffee shop, Expat sitting only next door. Sip on an iced latte with almond milk for a boost of caffeine and vitamin E to give your skin it’s post-flight glow.

Ask for a table in the conservatory area of Sisterfields. It’s less noisy than the main restaurant, filled with natural daylight and marble, and still has the cool from the air conditioning.

After a flight you’re going to need fresh food and plenty of it. An Acai bowl is bursting with antioxidants and Sisterfields adds it’s own delicious homemade granola for a energy boosting goodness.


Other notable brunch items go to the pancakes which are completely EPIC (and also topped with homemade granola) and the avocado on sourdough is also not to be missed - it’s a classic but the best you’ll ever have.

Top it off with a fresh young Thai coconut to help boost your electrolytes, and boost your potassium levels.

The staff are lovely, the service is quick and the bathrooms are also quirky. The interior design is like something you’d only ever see on Pinterest.

No trip to Bali is complete without a breakfast at Sisterfields.



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