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Five top tips for packing light on your next trip

We’ve all experienced it. Preparing for a trip that’s been planned for a while yet still being unable to prepare luggage well in advance to prevent a stressful experience. Below are some tips to help with packing light for a stress-less flight...

1. Aim to lose a third of your clothing before you start packing

One of the key mistakes that many of us make when packing is – over packing of items ‘just in case’. Chances are that those five t-shirts aren’t going to be worn over the course of a 2- day weekend. Do you really need six different dresses? Before closing your case, lay out all of your items on the bed and aim to lose a third of them.

2. Leave space for souvenirs

Inevitably, when you arrive at your destination and have rummaged through your case a few times, the space seems to disappear. If you’ve followed the tip above then you’ll now have found some space for those souvenirs that you’re highly likely to bring home.

3. Check the weather forecast

Before you jet off on holiday, one of the main things to do is to check the weather forecast. It’s not uncommon for destinations to be warm in the day and become a lot cooler at night. Be prepared for all eventualities by doing a simple check online before you leave.

4. Mix and match outfits and accessories

When you’re selecting your items, choose clothing that can be worn in different situations or in colours that complement the rest of your luggage. A few well-chosen accessories can also keep you prepared for any unexpected occasions. A colourful scarf, a smart belt or fashion jewellery can make a great difference to an outfit rather than packing several items of clothing.

5. Adopt new packing techniques

Last but not least, the way that you pack your luggage can make a huge difference. Rolling your clothes can save so much room to leave you with the luxury of extra space in your luggage. The video below by YouTuber Khalif Hayes show the difference that folding and repacking can make to the space in your luggage, especially if you’re trying to avoid any checked baggage fees:


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